About Ballia

BALLIA is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh state in India. Ballia is located in the Purvanchal Region of Uttar Pradesh and it is a part of Divisional Headquarters, Azamgarh. Agriculture is the main occupation of Ballia. Though agriculture is core occupation of ballia, but there are some small industry are existing. Ballia City is district headquarters and commercial market of this district. Rasra is second major commercial area of district, having one government sugar mill and one cotton weaving industry.

Ganges and Ghaghra (Saryu) are the two major rivers of Ballia that make this land more fertile.

Ballia is also considered as a holy Hindu city. It has big and small temples. Bhrigu temple in Bhrigu Ashram is considered to be a famous temple where Bhrigu Muni was supposed to reside. Bhrigu muni is the one who according to Hindu Mythology hit Lord Vishnu on his chest. Behind Bhrigu Ashram earlier River Ganga used to flow. Famous Dadri Mela (fair) is still held annually and people from all around the place come to visit it.

Contribution of Ballia to Hindi Literature is immense as many prominent scholars hail from Ballia like Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, Purushottam Chaturvedi, Arunkant, Kanshi Nath Singh to name a few. Ballia can boast of one of the most prominent NRI in USA Jagdish Chandra Shukla who heads the University of Occeanogrophy and published hundreds of paper related to environment